Serena Playhouse on Stilts with Canopy Roof

Our Serena Playhouse comes on stilts with a canopy roof overhang. It has 2 windows on the front, 1 perspex window on the side and a shuttered window opening on the other side and a cottage-style half door.

Specification & Dimensions:

  • 2.4m x 2.4m (8ftx8ft). 1.5m off the ground
  • Playhouse Height 1.8m (6ft), width 1.5m (5ft), depth 1.5m (5ft).
  • Felt roof with 2ft overhang on roof
  • Double Swings: 2.44m (8ft) (baby swing seat or basket swing available upon request)
  • Stilts: 90x90mm square poles.
  • Slide: 10ft (8ft slide also available upon request)
  • Steps with handrail to the side

All prices are ex-factory. Delivery and assembly charge is dependent on the product ordered and the customer’s location.

NOTE: All timber sourced locally, is fully treated and native Irish.